Radiation protection doors are used in healthcare, industry and research facilities to shield radiation and gamma-ray radiation. VISITEK’s doors are manufactured in accordance with SSM's and SIS's standards and recommendations (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten – SSM Swedish Radiation Safety Authority; Svenska Institutet för Standarder – SIS The Swedish Institute for Standards). 

Door frames are made of wood or steel. Door blades are made of wood, steel or fibreglass.


Radiation protection doors can be manufactured as both hinged or sliding doors.


For door blades and wooden frames, size is limited by the design of the hinges. As an upper limit, door blades can have a 2 mm thick layer of lead and a width of 1200 mm (door leaf 1130 mm). Heavy door blades that are side hung should be made of steel. This applies to hinged doors, sliding doors can be made wider. Wooden door blades can be supplied with a veneer or laminate finish or for painting.


A radiation protection door made of steel can be supplied with anti-corrosive paint or pre-painted. A steel frame is normally supplied as a telescopic frame with lining on both sides, alternative designs are also available. The surface treatment: can be supplied as lacquered, stainless steel or a combination. 


A radiation protection door made of steel can be filled with boron polyethylene for protection against neutron radiation. It is also possible to combine the boron polyethylene with lead for specific radiation protection.

All of our doors can be supplied with automated door systems. 

Please note that the weight of radiation protection doors is greater than for corresponding ordinary doors. This applies both to the dimensioning of walls and for automated door systems.



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