Visitek specializes in radiation shielding. Business operations were started in the early 1960s when the company was founded by Bengt Kempe at Byggmekanisering AB. In 1988, Byggmekanisering AB was restructured and radiation protection operations were transferred to the then newly established company Vision & Teknik System i Malmö AB (VISITEK).
The company offers comprehensive solutions for radiation protection in healthcare, dental care, veterinary medicine and industry.
Visitek has delivered radiation protection to virtually all hospitals and care facilities in Sweden as well as facilities abroad.






Our extensive experience in radiation protection provides us with a unique opportunity to be involved throughout the entire process, from the time the drawings are drafted to delivery of the products and to offering help with installation instructions.


The products we manufacture under our own brand are manufactured exclusively in Sweden. Our factories are designed in order to offer a very flexible construction, so that we can satisfy our customers' needs for adaptation in a good way.


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Vision & Teknik System i Malmö AB

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211 22 Malmö,


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E-mail: info@visitek.se