We help our customers to secure radiation protection by offering a complete range of radiation protection products. We can tailor the products to fit the business in terms of appearance and function. With our expertise, we ensure that our customers receive complete radiation protection.

VISITEK has 2 types of radiation shielding glass, RD30 and RD50. Both types of glass are for indoor use. The radiation protection requirements expressed in lead equivalence can range from less than 1 mm lead to several 100 mm.


Radiation shielding doors are used in technical and medical X-ray installations as well as in measurement and testing rooms in which X-ray devices or other radioactive sources are present.


The VISITEK board is used as a radiation shield on light steel or stud walls in healthcare and industry. The standard width is 600 mm but we can also supply boards that are 450 mm wide. For thicker lead lining, the board width is adjusted to obtain a manageable board weight. The height is adapted to applicable requirements. If the ceiling height is very high or thick lead is required, the boards can be split along the lenght. Boards can be joined by tongue and groove. Horizontal joint fittings are not required.

VISITEK Building Board

When radiation requirements are greater than 10 mm lead thickness, we recommend the use of chevron rails. Chevron rails can be made in different forms. They are available in sizes up to 100 mm


The screen wall is secured with a stainless steel rail on the floor and possibly against the wall. The screen wall can be secured to joists or a wall. Laminate or veneer facings are available. The framework, such as a lintel, glass moldings, braces or stanchions are available in clear lacquered wood. The lead glass in screen walls is manufactured in optional sizes; for maximum sizes see Windows.
A table top with support brackets and legs can be included in the delivery.

Screen walls with radiation protection for medical diagnostics must be at least 2100 mm high and have the same lead equivalence as the other walls in the room.

Model WD257, mobile lead glass screen, 1.00 mm lead thickness, width 78 cm and height from 143 cm (with a lead glass window of 70 x 70 cm which can be raised and lowered) and maximum height 190 cm.



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